Instant Alias Finder

Saturday, Sept. 14, 2002
2:28 p.m.

(taken from "Be A Bad Girl: A Journal" by Cameron Tuttle)

First Name Last Name
Your Porn Star Name the name of your first pet your mother's maiden name
Your Soap Opera Name your middle name the name of the first street where you lived
Your Road Trip Name what you had for breakfast where you last peed beside the road
Your Dating Diva Name something sweet within sight any liquid in your kitchen
Your Girl Detective Name favorite baby animal where you last went to school
Your Barfly Name the last snack food you ate your favorite drink

So, mine are (at least today):

Porn Star Name: Joy Hays
Soap Opera Name: Dawn Hill
Road Trip Name: Popcorn Annapolis
Dating Diva Name: Licorice Water
Girl Detective Name: Tiger Arundel
Barfly Name: Skittles Midori Sours

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